Evangelist F.O. Adegun

The Oke-Iselogo Church of Ajilete started when the Lord sent me out at His own time with His grace, though the time I was sent was not conducive for me as a man, but the voice of God is more precious than my own, because of the souls that were perishing (Phil. 3:7).

The  voice of the Lord came unto me in the year 2003 to go to a town called Ajilete, even though I do not know the place nor had heard about the name called Ajilete before, but due to the fact that He was the One who sent me to the town. With His grace He made me to know the town and sent me there for evangelism.

In the year 2004, I went to the town for evangelism.  By the year 2005, I took a step to find a place where we should start a church. Moving into every angle of the town to get a place for the church meted out with much difficulty, until I got to the place we are till today.  To the glory of the Lord when I reached this area (where the church was established till today), the whole place was filled with tombs and shrines with their little gods that have no power but deceptive.

According to the word of God that says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13”, the Lord strengthened His Church although there are challenges here and there, the Lord proved that He was the One who sent me out there to establish a church.

The church services started in the year 2005, by January 10th 2005, we staged a seven (7) days crusade with the anointed ministers of God, both men and women who are filled with the Holy Spirit. The first Sunday service took place on the 15th day of January with us for the first time were seven (7), we have four adults and three children .  Among the indigenes that worshipped with us for the first time were Mrs. Ojuoye and one Mama Lekan.

Up till this very moment, the Lord still takes control of His church though there are many challenges that the church is facing. The Lord still proved Himself that He is the one who sent me there because the town is full of idolatry.  The Lord had established His church on the solid rock and there is no power that can overcome it. (Matt. 16:18).



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