Pastor T. O. Bakare

Oke Iye II, Ori Okuta, Ogijo, Ogun State was started in about 2008,when Pastor E.O. James was the Assembly Pastor of Oke Iye II Assembly (now Oke Iye District).  Being led by the Holy Spirit to establish a church at Ogijo, took him with the support of the elders of Oke Iye II Assembly and members to get two plots of land, where the church was built till today.
In the first week of December, 2008, service was started by Pastor E.O. James with about eight people. By the first week of January, 2009, the first minister of God, in the person of Evangelist T.O. Bakare was posted to the church. The first families to start worshipping are Evangelist T.O. Bakare, Elder Mogaji, Brother Adegun, Brother Adekeye, Brother Adebisi, Brother Idowu, Brother Adekoya, Brother Yoriola, Brother Oyeyemi, Brother Amao and Brother Adelegan.
In 2010, the church committee was established and thereby organizing the first church anniversary. 
Today, God being on our side, the minister of God, Pastor T.O. Bakare was ordained in 2015.  The mission house and the maternity centre were built into completion.
We thank God that His work is still moving on well and He is adding people to the assembly daily.



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Oke Iye District is a family of people who believe in Christ Jesus. It is a place where we worship God, through our Lord Jesus Christ for His surpassing love and grace to everyone that comes to Him.

Oke Iye District is where the Word of God is refreshing. We teach people biblical principles and doctrines, the way you can live a maturing christianity. This is the basic teaching of our Lord Jesus to everyone that wants to have eternal life. (It is one thing to be a born again christian, this is the primary stage. You need to continue knowing Him until your carnality is given up and Christ loves, in you, takes the intoto).

Worship with us in any of our assemblies depending on where you live. All assemblies are there for you.

God bless you as you take this right decision.


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