Pastor Moses Ogah

An open air revival that gave birth to Christ Apostolic Church Oke Iye igbesa was held at Igbesa Motor Park between August and September 1996. Pastor Idowu  otherwise called “Baba Idowu” led his team of Revivalists  comprising of Brother John Agbesanwa (now Pastor), Elder F.F. Akintomide (Now Pastor F.F. Akintomide), Evangelist Alabi (now Pastor,Broher Fabunmi (now Pastor), Elder Obasa, Elder Ahimiafere, Elder Omodojo (now late) and a host of other men and women of God from Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Iye, 65, Oduselu Street, Itire (now the District Headquarters) to stage this powerful and memorable Christian Crusade

Early converts, and the fruit of this revival includes, among others, Mr C.A Popoola, and his wife Mrs Florence Popoola, Brother Oladayo, Late Segun Adebiyi  and Late Adekunle Adeoye, Mrs. Ejimokun, Mr. Olatunji Dada and his family, Sister Toyin Folarin,Mr. W.O Yekinni and his family, late Olori Agnes Banuso. Others include Apostle and Mrs Oluwasuyi, Mrs Gbeleyi, late Olori Modupe Banuso a.k.a Mummy Nurse.

This church took off at a private building along palace road belonging to late Ayesoro with Envagelist Oyeniyi (now Pastor) as the pioneer Minister. He had a brief spell at Igbesa before moving back to Itire, thus creating a period of interregnum.

Selected Elders and Evangelists were sent every Sunday from Itire to conduct services, frequent among these were Elders Obasa and Brother Fabunmi. The weekly services were handled by Brothers Segun Adebiyi, Adekunle Adeoye (All of blessed Memories) Jonathan Oladayo, Mr W.O Yekinni and “Baba Popoola”.

By January 1997, Evangelist Ayegboyin (Now Pastor)  was sent to replace Evangelist Oyeniyi as the Assembly Teacher. With his leadership and combined team works of all men, efforts were made to move to this permanent site with the construction of a shed with local materials. Services were held under this constructed shed for a period of two years when the first Anniversary Thanksgiving service was held. The proceeds of this Anniversary was sent to the Headquarters which was reimbursed to purchase planks, zincs and other materials for the construction of a bigger and modern one. There and then, concrete blocks were purchased in bits over the years either with the subsequent Anniversary proceeds or donation of God inspired individuals with which the Church was structured to the level it is today. A VICARAGE was also embarked upon simultaneously. The development is still on-going and visible.

All these development were to the glory of God and credits of “Baba Idowu”, Pastor S. Ade Anjorin (who took over from him) Pastor Ayegboyin, Lady Evangelist Adegun (Mummy pupa) who held brief for Pastor Ayegboyin when he was on his Pastoral course at Ilesha.

The tenures of Pastor S.O Sanni (of blessed memory) as the superintendent of Oke Iye District and Evangelist/Prophet Olumuyiwa Ekundayo as the Assembly Pastor was also remarkable. The Evangelistic and prophetic prowess of Evangelist Ekundayo brought a tremendous improvement. He indeed turned C.A.C oke iye Igbesa into a Miracle centre. The tiling of the church and completion of the children department was accomplished during his time and more importantly the commencement of Church extension. The unrelenting Church committee and commitments of all men and women can also not be overlooked.

With the coming of Pastor E.O. Odugbesan to replace the demised Pastor Sanni as Oke Iye District Superintendent and the deployment of Pastor Moses Ogah to replace the transferred Evangelist Ekundayo, the work of God has continued to progress.


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Oke Iye District is a family of people who believe in Christ Jesus. It is a place where we worship God, through our Lord Jesus Christ for His surpassing love and grace to everyone that comes to Him.

Oke Iye District is where the Word of God is refreshing. We teach people biblical principles and doctrines, the way you can live a maturing christianity. This is the basic teaching of our Lord Jesus to everyone that wants to have eternal life. (It is one thing to be a born again christian, this is the primary stage. You need to continue knowing Him until your carnality is given up and Christ loves, in you, takes the intoto).

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