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Oke Iye District History (District Headquarters)

Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Iye District Headquarters, Itire started as a body of Christ in July, 1967 in the house of late Rev. Sokale at 21 Okuyemi Street, Off Church Busstop, Itire.  The Church started with fourteen (14) members comprising of Late Pa Babatunde Okuyemi, his wives and children,late Elder J. Ayorinde (who died on 27th of March, 2000) and his family, Elder J.J. Ayorinde and Elder R. Adewoyin. These people were later joined by late Pa Omiyale (father of late Pastor M.O. Omiyale) and his family.  Not long after than late Elder S.O. Adeoye (died in July, 1997) late Pastor M.O. Omiyale (died ill 2004) and late Elder I.O. Omodojo (died 21st July, 2008) joined.  This group with Pastor M.A. Akolade now of C.A.C. Oke Ore-Ofe assembly under Oke-Iye District formed the crop of the first five (5) Elders.  These people who are the founding members continued in their exercise of faith that saw the church grow to the present state.

At the inception of the church, late Pa Babatunde Okuyemi had applied for an Evangelist from Itire I during the tenure of Pastor Obafemi, with the assistance of C.A.C Trustee Pastor B. Okpaise and late Pastor D.K. Sokunbi, the church was given an evangelist in person of Evangelist Fatuyi Ojo on the understanding that late P.A. Okuyemi would bear the costs. In the year 1968, the church moved from 21, Okuyemi Street to her present site which was procured by late Pa Babatunde Okuyemi but not without difficulties.  A tent that was initially erected on the site was demolished by the land owners (Omo Onile).  Otunba Femi Okuyemi, the younger brother of late Pa Babatunde Okuyemi came and wielded his influence with the land owners in favour of the church.  A small wooden structure was later erected to serve as the church building which gradually developed into her present state.

The church got her name “Oke-Iye” from the three (3) C.A.C churches earlier established by late Pa Babatunde Okuyemi at Ijebu-Igbo (his home town), Shagamu and Iperu respectively. After the death of the founder in July, 1969, his wife late Ruth A. Okuyemi assisted by late Elder J.A. Ayorinde took the control of church affairs with the assistance and frequent visits by late Pastor D.K. Sokunbi, late Mrs. Ruth Okuyemi was the District Good Women Leader and was very active in church matters.  She died in March, 1992 and the church gate with the inscription “OKE-IYE was erected as a memorial for her.

It is on record that after the death of late Pa Okuyemi, Otunda Femi Okuyemi supported the church on many occasions to avert what would have been serious problems.

The firs minister of God for the church was Evangelist Fatuyi Ojo who was followed by Evangelist Oduyelu after whom Evangelist I. Ajagbe (alias Temi’odaa) was transferred to us from Maroko, Lagos.  When he left, Evangelist (now Pastor Shasanmi) came in for a brief period after which Evangelist Awoniyi took over.

In the year 1977, the church got her first ordained minister in person of late Pastor J.O. Olaseinde who later became the first District Superintendent of Itire District.

The other Ministers in the following sequence were Pastor Adefila whose tenure was very brief; Pastor Akeni, Pastor Z. Aniyikaiye (now Chairman, Ikare Akoko DCC), Pastor J. Babayemi (now Chairman, Love of God Zone), Pastor M. Olu Ojo now District Superintendent of Idimu whose legacy of Adult Education programme enabled many illiterates to become literate, cannot be forgotten easily.

Pastor D.D. Idowu now Chairman, Ijebu Igbo D.C.C. came on board and spearheaded the planting of Oke-Iye, Igbesa and when Pastor S. Ade Anjorin relieved him, he too followed suit by planting C.A.C Oke-Iye Egan. Pastor James took over, to plant CA.C. Oke-Iye, Ogijo.

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Oke Iye District is a family of people who believe in Christ Jesus. It is a place where we worship God, through our Lord Jesus Christ for His surpassing love and grace to everyone that comes to Him.

Oke Iye District is where the Word of God is refreshing. We teach people biblical principles and doctrines, the way you can live a maturing christianity. This is the basic teaching of our Lord Jesus to everyone that wants to have eternal life. (It is one thing to be a born again christian, this is the primary stage. You need to continue knowing Him until your carnality is given up and Christ loves, in you, takes the intoto).

Worship with us in any of our assemblies depending on where you live. All assemblies are there for you.

God bless you as you take this right decision.


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